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We have 3 program areas

Faith Exploration

Faith Exploration is about digging into what it means to call ourselves Christians, followers of Jesus Christ. It means processing things being learned, figuring out how other aspects of out lives connect with our faith, and growing in our understanding of how to live this faith out on a daily basis, and growing in our knowledge of Scripture.

      A weekly service geared toward students that is interactive using discussion and hands-on ways to respond

      • After dinner each Wednesday, the CA has a 45-minute worship service in our Great Room. The service is created to be meaningful for Penn students, and also has intentional interactive elements that help students to fully engage in worshipping our Creator.

      A four weeklong series that engages students and University resources in discussions around relevant topics that often go unspoken; this year’s conversation was on relationships, sex, dating and faith.

      • Beginning in October and going through the end of the school year, the CA will offer four-week series that will cover a variety of topics from stress management, to intriguing Biblical narratives, to topics like “What does the Bible say about money?” gender, or dating. These series will be held on Monday evenings, typically from 6:00 – 7:30.

      A chance to get away from campus and out into nature, to find rest and renewal, and to focus on tending one’s soul, this overnight time builds community and deepens students’ faith

      • Each semester, the CA will offer an overnight retreat to give students the opportunity to get away from campus, slow down and take time to refresh their souls. The retreats offer time for fun and games, as well as a chance to dig into Scripture and have meaningful conversations about how Scripture resonates in our lives. It’s also a great chance to make new friends and to get to know some of the other students from the CA better!

      A happy-hour gathering for graduate students provides an informal place for discussion of current events and politics and what might be a Christian response

      • A BYO that meets at the CA, this is a chance for graduate students to gather at the end of the week and enjoy philosophical discussion about current events and how they connect to our faith. This group gathers in the Great Room at 5pm on Friday evenings for about an hour.

      A weekly gathering of graduate students desiring to dig into theology and scripture together; this spring, they used C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity as their starting point

      • This graduate student program is devoted to developing a graduate Christian community, where people can come to discuss Scripture and how it applies to their lives. This group intentionally prays for one another, and part of each gathering is spent learning about and sharing prayer requests. This group meets on Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:30.

      A space for the LGBTQ community and allies to discuss the intersection of their faith and sexuality

      • The Queer Christian Fellowship is a supportive community for LGBT Christians and allies who want to talk more about faith and sexuality. QCF aims to be an open space where all people can learn. You don’t have to be queer or even out, and you don't have to know everything about being LGBT or about being a person of faith. Our meetings will include group discussions about scripture and current events, as well as social gatherings on campus and around Philadelphia.

      An interfaith lunch gathering to discuss life and faith with other Penn students and religious staff

      • New this fall, PRISM will be hosting interfaith lunch gatherings in the new religious life space in Houston Hall on a number of Fridays. This will be a space to talk about life and faith, to learn from one another and build relationships with students and staff whose beliefs may be similar and different from our own.

      Hosted discussions between the Penn Secular Society and other students of various faith backgrounds to increase understanding and respect.

      • This event co-hosted with Penn Secular Society (PSS) encourages students from all (non)religious backgrounds to question their beliefs, values, and assumptions. A monthly discussion around an established theme provides a platform for respectful conversation, mutual growth, and unlikely friendships.