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We have 3 program areas


Hospitality is about providing a sense of welcome to whomever walks through our door. It’s not an invitation to assimilate, but rather an embrace that invites people to come as they are. At the CA, we provide an inclusive, fun and supportive space that is a home away from home for students.

      A weekly gathering of our community with a home cooked meal

      • Every Wednesday evening during the school year, the CA community gathers together in our dining room to share a home cooked meal and conversation with one another. This gathering around the table is a time to relax and be nourished while forming friendships and community.

      The CA is a home away from home for students all hours of the day

      • Feel free to come drop by the CA – to study, play our piano, spend some time in the prayer and meditation room, grab a snack, or to have a conversation. We are generally here Mondays through Fridays from 10-6, but you can always check if you’d like to come later in the day, most evenings there are people in the building!

      A weekly ESL offering, it shares American slang, culture and justice issues with an international community at Penn

      • Slanguage is a free class for international students, their spouses, and other international community members designed to create a space to help them improve their English skills and allow them to ask questions. The class meets Tuesdays from 2:30 – 5, and includes discussion of current events, music, and a time for questions.

      Game nights, restaurant outings and visiting local attractions and more are all fun ways to share fellowship with one another

      • Frequently, the CA offers opportunities to do something fun, with game nights and holiday parties at the CA and opportunities for exploring the city and local area on one of our social outings. From corn mazes to Dorney Park to bowling, to staying at the CA for popcorn and a movie night, these are times to build friendships and take a break from the stress of normal life.

      A place for individual reflection, student mindfulness groups to meet or the occasional nap

      • Located on the third floor of the CA, this is a quiet and peaceful space you can come to pray, mediate, or close your eyes and drift off for a bit. You’ll also find a selection of books on faith and theology, which you are welcome to ask to borrow. This space is open whenever the building is open.

      A variety of student groups, activists and faith based organizations use our building seven days a week

      • The CA is grateful for the great space that we have, and feel that part of our hospitality is to share our space with others when the space is available. If you are looking to use our building, visit Contact Us to inquire about availability and our building usage policy.

      Open houses, barbecues, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and special occasions

      • The CA likes to recognize holidays and special events, and that almost always involves food! From a full Thanksgiving feast to a back-to-school BBQ to a Christmas party and dinner, the CA knows how to celebrate.

      A program where students can learn skills from cooking to personal finance

      • After often having discussions about and helping students learn a variety of life skills as they transitioned to living on their own, the CA decided to make a class for it! Keep an eye on the website for when it will next be offered.

      One day each week the CA provides lunch for Penn students

      • Stop by between 12-2 one day each week to get something to eat while engaging in dialogue about life and faith. We will occasionally be joined by guests, including other religious leaders. Fall dates: Tuesdays from Sept. 5 - Oct 3; Fridays from Oct. 13 - Nov. 17.