Program Areas

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We have 3 program areas

Service & Advocacy

Service and Advocacy is about living out God’s call to participate in Kingdom work, to actively seek to help bring about the kingdom of God here on earth. It is about being both a voice for the voiceless, and listening to those who are voiceless so we can learn what it is they have to say. It is about recognizing our place of privilege, and doing something to help make things a little more equal.

      Dana How Scholars mentoring

      DHS pairs Penn students with low income, first generation high school students from Upward Bound for mentoring, retreats, service days, scholarships and fun

      An opportunity to get away from campus over fall and spring break, but to do something that serves God with hands and heart while growing in faith, having fun, and strengthening friendships within the CA community

      • During Penn’s fall and spring breaks, the CA offers students a chance to get away from campus while spending the break doing something fun and meaningful. With days often filled with helping to repair or rebuild homes, students are able to build community and learn new skills, while also enjoying some of the local sites in the evenings as well. The location of the breaks varies by the length and season.

      Scholarships for Penn students that do inspiring service work during the summer

      • We award grants to students involved in service work during the summer. Grant amounts are up to $750. Eligibility requirements are as follows:
              - Only Penn undergraduate and graduate students can apply, and must be returning for the following school year
              - Your project should be for service and not research, and be for a minimum of 2 months
              - The service work can take place anywhere in the world, including the U.S.

        Additional considerations:
        Upon return, scholarship recipients are expected to share their service experiences with other students at one of the CA’s weekly community dinners academic year. Ideally, scholarship recipients would be engaged in ongoing service and program development during the school year. The CA welcomes opportunities to empower students in this work, including work study support for eligible students, space for meetings, supplies and organizational support.
        Grant recipients secure their own service learning experience and make all travel, room and board arrangements. Award recipients traveling internationally are required to participate in an orientation session, which is conducted through the Office of International Programs annually in April. This training helps orient the student to local customs, safety tips, emergency procedures, and more.

        These grants originated as part of the CA’s Open Mind for Africa program that engaged the Penn community in learning about systemic issues facing countries in Africa and supported students putting learned skills into practice. The Open Mind for Africa program was developed to honor Dr. Louise Shoemaker, for Dean Emerita of the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work.

      Weekly support for an after school program at the Belmont Charter Academy using arts and creative expression to help kindergartners grow and learn

      • A weekly after-school program where CA students travel to a local elementary school, and lead students in reading a book, dialoguing about the story, and creating an art project based off of a theme from the story. A great chance to get to enjoy the laughter and smiles of kids!

      Monthly opportunities to volunteer with local mission agencies, including the Philadelphia Orchard Project, University Lutheran’s Feast Incarnate, Broad Street Ministries and more

      • Each month, the CA volunteers with a local Philadelphia non-profit. These range from helping plant fruits and vegetables with the Philadelphia Orchard Project, to serving a meal at University Lutheran’s Feast Incarnate or at Broad Street Ministry, to joining with other groups on campus for the PRISM day of service.

      participation, financial support and relationships with organizations and individuals involved in a variety of social justice issues, including gun violence prevention, LGBTQ issues, worker rights, educational inequities and more.