Program Areas

  • Hospitality
  • Faith Exploration
  • Service & Advocacy
  • Dana How Scholars
  • Hospitality

    Community dinner

    Hospitality is about providing a sense of welcome to whomever walks through our door. It’s not an invitation to assimilate, but rather an embrace that invites people to come as they are. At the CA, we provide an inclusive, fun and supportive space that is a home away from home for students.

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  • Faith Exploration

    Prayer and meditation room

    Faith Exploration is about digging into what it means to call ourselves Christians, followers of Jesus Christ. It means processing things being learned, figuring out how other aspects of out lives connect with our faith, and growing in our understanding of how to live this faith out on a daily basis, and growing in our knowledge of Scripture.

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  • Service & Advocacy

    Mentoring program service day

    Service and Advocacy is about living out God’s call to participate in Kingdom work, to actively seek to help bring about the kingdom of God here on earth. It is about being both a voice for the voiceless, and listening to those who are voiceless so we can learn what it is they have to say. It is about recognizing our place of privilege, and doing something to help make things a little more equal.

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  • Dana How Scholars

    Dana How Scholars

    DHS pairs Penn students with low income, first generation high school students from Upward Bound for mentoring, retreats, service days, scholarships and fun.

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  • Spring Break

    The CA will now be going to help with hurricane relief efforts over Spring Break. More details coming soon, e-mail Megan with questions or to sign up.

  • Weekly Events

    Wednesdays @ 6:30 Community Dinner
    Wednesdays @ 7:30 Worship
    Fridays from 12-2 Drop by for lunch

  • Faith Reimagined

    Mondays @ 6:30pm

    Join guest leader Pastor Brad Zinn for this 5-week series, which will be a space to ask real questions, consider multiple perspectives and approaches to faith, and share your own experiences.

  • Bake Sale

    Tues, Oct. 10, 11-3

    Stop by the CA bake sale on Locust ! We'll have lots of different cupcakes &chocolate covered pretzels. Proceeds will go towards on Spring Break trip.

  • Faith on Tap

    Friday, Oct. 13 @ 5:30pm

    For Grad Students Only: Join us at City Tap House to grab a drink and some snacks! We'll talk about life, current events, and faith.

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  • "I Need You to Survive"

    I just wanted to give you a brief history of this text. 1 Thessalonians is the oldest book in the New Testament, written around AD 52. It was written by Paul the Apostle and intended for the people of Thessalonica. This particular passage speaks on how Christian should behave.

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  • "Wisdom"

    Yesterday I came across this quote on my way to Old City: When I first read this passage, the word that stuck out to me the most was disorder. Disorder. It’s probably because I have been feeling like my life has been in disorder for the past couple of weeks. I am graduating next month, so, as you can imagine, my life has been filled with thoughts....

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  • "Imagining Redemption"

    Have you ever watched a movie and wondered why the characters can’t think of a better way to act? Do you sit on the edge of your seat saying or thinking “Why would you open that door? Don’t open that door!” or maybe “Don’t go out into the jungle! You know the clever raptors hunt in packs.”

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