Program Areas

  • Hospitality
  • Faith Exploration
  • Service & Advocacy
  • Hospitality

    Community dinner

    Hospitality is about providing a sense of welcome to whomever walks through our door. It’s not an invitation to assimilate, but rather an embrace that invites people to come as they are. At the CA, we provide an inclusive, fun and supportive space that is a home away from home for students.

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  • Faith & Exploration

    Prayer and meditation room

    Faith Exploration is about digging into what it means to call ourselves Christians, followers of Jesus Christ. It means processing things being learned, figuring out how other aspects of out lives connect with our faith, and growing in our understanding of how to live this faith out on a daily basis, and growing in our knowledge of Scripture.

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  • Service & Advocacy

    Mentoring program service day

    Service and Advocacy is about living out God’s call to participate in Kingdom work, to actively seek to help bring about the kingdom of God here on earth. It is about being both a voice for the voiceless, and listening to those who are voiceless so we can learn what it is they have to say. It is about recognizing our place of privilege, and doing something to help make things a little more equal.

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  • DHS Mentors

    Sept. 9 and 14 @ 5:30pm

    Want to be a mentor? Join the Dana How Scholars program, which pairs Penn students with West Philadelphia high school students participating in the Upward Bound program. Contact Lakeyta Smith at or attend a mentoring Open House at the CA on Sept 9th or 14th

  • Peacemaking through the Arts

    Want to teach healthy conflicts resolution and peacemaking to elementary children in West Philly? Volunteer in an afterschool program once a week. Contact Sean Barley

  • Community Dinner and Worship

    Wed @ 6:30pm

    Join us for a make your own taco bar! Then, we'll begin to explore out theme, "Fill in the ______" in worship.

  • God is _________

    Sept 21 @ 6:00pm

    Our Monday night series get underway, and our first series will be exploring who God is, and the ways in which we know God. With a Creator who is both knowable and unknowable, friend and mystery, this series will allow us to dig in to one of the most essential elements of our faith.

  • Life-Size Dutch Blitz

    Sept 11 @ 2:00pm

    You may have played Dutch Blitz before - but now we are taking it to the next level! Join us as we take play life-size dutch blitz - in which you run the cards across a field - a great way to have fun and get a work out!

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  • "Who do you say that I am?"

    The question I wanted to discuss this week that Jesus asked is "Who do you say I am?" The question I wanted to discuss this week that Jesus asked is "Who do you say I am?" The question I wanted to discuss this week that Jesus asked is "Who do you say I am?"

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  • "Reflections on Serving"

    As someone who had never gone on a mission trip, I feel extremely blessed and happy to have been able to go to both the fall and spring mission trip. For the fall trip we went to Staten Island, NY and helped to put walls up for a women and her grandchild whose house

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  • "A Little Bit Of Music"

    During Penn's Year of Sound, music has been a popular topic on campus. As someone who grew up listening to and playing music, I truly believe that music is incredibly powerful, and sometimes can speak in ways words cannot.

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