Progressive, Inclusive, Welcoming

The Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania (CA) is a community of hospitality, service and advocacy, and faith exploration. We strive to live out the Gospel message -- to bring God’s love to Penn students (both undergraduate and graduate students), faculty, staff and neighbors. We welcome every person into our doors regardless of religious affiliation, orientation, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race or gender.

Weekly Gatherings

The CA has numerous gatherings throughout the week. Take a look at our schedule below to see what's happening in the summers and during the school year.

School Year

SlanguageTuesdays from 2:30-4:30pm
Community Dinner and Bible StudyWednesdays at 6:30pm (dinner) and 7:30pm (Bible Study)
Grad Student Book GroupThursdays at 4:30 pm 
Drop-by for lunchFridays from 12-1:30pm
(FM)3First Friday of the month at 7pm (resumes Feb. 7)

Recent & Upcoming Events


Slanguage luncheon (3-27-18) (Bill_2c Megan_2c Annie Sun_2c Song Han_2c Pat Tan_2c and Song Hwang) (2).jpg


An ongoing program to teach English to non-native speakers here on campus. Participants seek to improve their English reading and speaking skills.


Dana How Scholars

The CA offers Penn students the opportunity to enter into meaningful relationships with West Philly high school students enrolled with Penn’s Upward Bound program.


Queer Christian Fellowship

A space for the LGBTQ community and allies to discuss the intersection of their faith and sexuality.

The CA Is...