Dana How Scholars

Through the Dana How Scholars program, the CA offers Penn students the opportunity to enter into meaningful relationships with West Philly high school students enrolled with Penn’s Upward Bound program, a federally-funded college preparatory program.

The program honors our late executive director, Dana How, and his commitment to community work. It is designed to provide a forum for Penn students to engage with local high school students and propel them towards true leadership and college-readiness. At the same time, the program allows the mentors themselves the chance to develop as emotionally-intelligent leaders, by giving them chances to think critically about their own identities and to translate their values into action.

The Dana How Scholars mentoring program is a partnership with Upward Bound, the Christian Association and the Dana How Social Services Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation.

To apply for the DHS Scholarship please fill out this form.

The DHS Scholarship serves as a memorial to Niles Ford, Raymond Albert, and Lambert Eichner

Niles Ford was a Philadelphia born dancer and choreographer, whose performances focused on various political and cultural themes. Rooted in ballet, jazz, and modern dance, Ford used his platform to pay homage to a variety of african american artists from Rod Rodgers to Mumia Abu-Jamal. You can read more about Niles Ford here.

Raymond Albert, Ph.D., was a proffessor of social work at Bryn Mawr College who was dedicated and passionate about his work. During his tenure he developed and taught courses related to legal research, law and social advocacy, and race and law in America. This passion extended well beyond his academic calling and expressed itself in service to the large Philadelphia community as well. Read more about Dr. Albert here.

Dr. Lambert Eichner, was a devoted clinician who put in the time and effort to not only make house calls, but he also volunteered his time and talent at a diabetes clinic in Philadelphia. In addition he served the school district of Marple Newton and applied his trade as a sideline doctor for wrestling and football games. Read more about Dr. Eichner here.

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