Make A Donation

Thank you for wanting to support the work of the Christian Association! We are 30% of the way to raising our year-end $12,500 goal. Full update below! 

If you'd like to give online you can do so through the Presbyterian Foundation:

or by sending a check to:

The Christian Association
118 S. 37th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

You can also now donate via Venmo @UpennCa. 

We also have an Amazon Wish List for you to select items from that the CA can use! 

Our goal is to bring in $12,500 before our fiscal year ends on June 30! As of May 20, with gifts from 13 individuals (plus one employer match) we are up to $3,734, or 30% of our goal!  

I want to help the CA reach it's goal!

We need:

____ 1 person to give $2500

____ 1 person to give $1000

____ 4 people to give $500

____ 6 people to give $250

____ 10 people to give $100

____ 16 people to give $50

Which will you be?

*Monthly givers and gifts in kind will be counted towards our total goal.